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Minestrone Soup
This deliciously flavourful & hearty minestrone soup recipe is a great winter warmer.
vegetarian 4
Monterey Pikelets
Mouthwatering pikelets layered with bubbling cheese, fluffy ricotta and tasty ham, ideal for brunch or supper.
Mushroom Soup
Try this hearty mushroom soup recipe, it is sure to hit the spot on a cold day.
vegetarian 10
Mushrooms - Why they are the perfect food for everyone
Mushrooms are low in calories and are fat free - read this article to find out why mushrooms are good for you.
Ricotta Pikelets
A quick breakfast pikelet recipe.
Vegetarian Tarts
For a great tasting vegetarian recipe made from homemade short or purchased flan pastry give, this savoury tart recipe is worth making.
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